Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Jennifer Steinkamp (Thanks Jared)


Jennifer: "Jimmy Carter" is a site-specific video installation that fills large walls of the gallery; thousands of computer synthesized ... flowers swing back and forth. The flowers create an illusion where the space seems to dematerialize. It feels as though the walls are moving along with the flowers. The work is synthesized with software; it never existed in reality, only as code. The striped imagery transforms the architecture, while in turn the art is transformed by the same architecture. This creates an experience for the viewer, in-between a real and imaginary space. Steinkamp has come back to these particular ideas over and again in various installations. Her artwork utilizes computer animation to craft immersive interactive projection installations. Three-dimensional computer graphics are the basis of her animation; animation that takes full advantage of the computer's ability to create motion and points of view that are not available by any other means.


Jennifer: "Eye Catching" was created for the historic Yerebatan Cistern. Three computer animated trees were projected on the walls ... of the cistern which respond to two ancient Medusa Heads that are used as column supports in the cistern. Curiously, one is placed upside down, while the other is on her side. Animated enchanted trees sway while their branches move like Medusa's serpentine hair. The installation is meant to be a celebration of the power of female sexuality and Medusa's beauty.


Jennifer: I constructed two red criss-crossed passageways with curved corners inside the gallery space. Vertical projections of spinning, undulating ... meshed cylinders created optical moir effects. The sound, space and the visual created an experience simultaneously mechanical and sensual.


  1. Yeah she does some impressive (relatively low-tech) effects with multiple source projections too, so when the viewer walks through the immense space, it blocks out certain elements or activates them.

  2. I'm loving this. I'm thinking that whatever I end up producing as content, it will be presented in this sort of way. As a follow up to my BOX, create a large space/room that users must navigate and interact with. Multiple projections on varying surfaces, canvas curtains, moving screens and the like.