Monday, 14 June 2010

Project 2 - Initial ideas

Part 2 of the box trilogy

>>>> Follow on from Project 1
>>>> Box 2 - Present day
>>>> Train journey with child
>>>> Ultra sound scans
>>>> The ticking clock
>>>> Contemporary box design

**** This is something I wish to produce at some point, however right now I fear that the process would be forced and I wouldn't be able to recapture the natural development of the idea.

Nature Trails

>>>> Original Project 2 idea
>>>> Nature photography
>>>> Leaves, trees, birds in flight
>>>> Tracking natural movement
>>>> Converting nature into mathematical data

**** What does it mean?

Feedback Photography

>>>> Studio portraiture
>>>> Projected images onto subject
>>>> Previous shot re-photographed
>>>> Creates a visual feedback loop
>>>> Overhead setup
>>>> Continuing on themes explored during one of my undergraduate projects

**** again what am i trying to say here?

Over the next few months I'm going to create some initial tests for all three concepts.

Project 2 - Initial thoughts

Time to move on then.

I did have a number of possible project ideas on the lead up to this point, however due to the learning experience I had during the development process for Project 1, I now find myself rather wary of how now to proceed with anything new.

My ideas start out as thoughts in the night that come from nowhere but then keep me awake for hours as i try to make notes in the dark. The following morning I then find myself less enthused about them and find some way to procrastinate. Eventually I will start something, test something out, make something new. I'll do this for a number of ideas, most with no initial connection and most with no real rounded content to research. My theories come out of my practice. Make something, then work out what it means, then develop the meaning before creating the final work.

Project 1 went around in circles before the spark was found, will this be the same for my future work? Is there a different way of approaching something new?

The plan is to begin as I normally do, but I'm also going to start exploring new methods of development and production.

Box Completion

I've been neglecting this blog of late, had a very busy period at work with it being the end of the academic year lots of marking and paper work took over everything.

I met the deadline for Project 1, box complete and installed. I know I've missed a lot of the information about the closing stages from this online forum as it all came together in my final R+D supporting material. I ended up producing a book via a site which I found most impressive, something I'll be returning to for future publications. I haven't made my book available to the public due to copyright concerns over some of the images I used. You can contact me though if you'd like further information on this.

So with the box deadline passed the plan is to forget about it for a while. I'll probably post some reflections at a later date, perhaps closer to the exhibition date, if there is one that is.

En France

A break from everything, spent the week away driving around Normandy.