Monday, 19 April 2010


Sorry that i didn't come back as soon as i said in the previous post.

With the Easter holidays over it was back to work and with that came not only the realisation of the deadlines for this project, but also the deadlines of every other pie i have my fingers in.

So again, I don't really have the time now to fill you in, but rest assured it's all coming together quite nicely, and i think time spent doing rather than blogging is time well spent.

no offense yeah

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Epic day

Went back to my home town today to visit the remaining 5 locations.

oh did i not mention? I've decided to use 8 images in total. There is a reason for this number, but I don't plan on explaining that one just yet.

Anyway, too tired really to say any more right now, as I've been going nonstop since early this morning.

I'll fill you in tomorrow maybe.

But all is good. Principle photography complete.

*high fives* indeed

p.s. parents send their regards

Friday, 2 April 2010

Box Construction - Part 4

At the end of day 3, I was pleased with how the box had taken shape, but essentially it was made of plastic, cardboard, duck tape, and a couple of screws. I decided to stay overnight at the folks and the following morning set about construction of a face plate.

We turned an old wooden veneer cupboard door into a faux victorian viewing box facade.

And finished it all off with some velcro.

Box Construction - Part 3

The next stage doesn't look like much, but still took a whole day. fixing the interior into the box securely and precisely plus the addition of some legs and feet to present the box at the correct height to line up with the monitor screen.

Box Construction - Part 2

With the plastic exterior all set, work began on the interior construction.