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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Some words

The plan is to track movement

Be that the movement of people in real time, as a record of their past, or a record of their memories.

The movement of nature, the effect the wind has on branches and leaves, the way birds flock together, the flies swaming around a cows eye.

The plan is to take that movement and turn it into tracking data, which is then used to produce ghost lines, a representation of the movement as a whole as a still image.

The tests so far show the process, the construction of the "data trails"

Maybe this process is of interest, or maybe the end product, the final frame would be better?

The original footage is removed from the final presentation, the data is presented without a source.

I plan to do this digitally through animation, where I do very little, allowing the data to create the content.

I'm also interested is representing this information in the physical sense using pins and string.

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Here's some images and links to work that is the building blocks to my new project direction:

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