Monday, 14 June 2010

Project 2 - Initial ideas

Part 2 of the box trilogy

>>>> Follow on from Project 1
>>>> Box 2 - Present day
>>>> Train journey with child
>>>> Ultra sound scans
>>>> The ticking clock
>>>> Contemporary box design

**** This is something I wish to produce at some point, however right now I fear that the process would be forced and I wouldn't be able to recapture the natural development of the idea.

Nature Trails

>>>> Original Project 2 idea
>>>> Nature photography
>>>> Leaves, trees, birds in flight
>>>> Tracking natural movement
>>>> Converting nature into mathematical data

**** What does it mean?

Feedback Photography

>>>> Studio portraiture
>>>> Projected images onto subject
>>>> Previous shot re-photographed
>>>> Creates a visual feedback loop
>>>> Overhead setup
>>>> Continuing on themes explored during one of my undergraduate projects

**** again what am i trying to say here?

Over the next few months I'm going to create some initial tests for all three concepts.

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