Monday, 12 July 2010

The Fitzwilliam Museum

Last week I found myself in a position where I was unsure where to go next. There are a number of different ideas floating around at this point, but I needed something else to bring to the mix.

I jumped in the car and went to Cambridge for the afternoon. I grew up 20 mins away from the city, and I now live about an hour away. I know the city very well, but mainly where all the shops, restaurants and bars are. Somewhere I hadn't been before was the Fitzwilliam Museum. In saying that, I probably have been on a school trip before, but if you're a keen follower of my work, you'll understand that I have no memory of this.

So I ventured there with eyes a new, and had a great time walking around it's many galleries. Photography is not allowed, so I went in with my sketch book and selection of pens. Standing, studying and sketching the work in a gallery allows you to appreciate it in a different way to the normal, walking, slight pause of appreciation, and move on to the next process I usually adopt.

The next couple of posts are a document of my findings and the resulting conclusions.

I will continue to take this approach to all future exhibitions I attend. And I recommend you do too.

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