Monday, 12 July 2010


I have always loved this image, a copy of which can be found at the Fitzwilliam. And again, the act of stopping studying and sketching allowed me time to appreciate it that much more.

This lead me to being thinking about japanese artwork, particularly from this period of the 1700's (more info to come)

It was also really interesting to see this work along side the images of Hambling. The different styles seemed a minor issue when it comes to capturing the power and movement of the natural landscape. This excites me too.


  1. Mmmmm woodcuts, such a nice way to work. I'm sure we'll have some nice old books on the subject in the library.
    In a curious coincidence, this very same image appears in my blog today.

  2. I saw it on your blog and thought the exact same thing. I bought a HIROSHIGE book which is full of amazing stuff too. Still not 100% sure where i'm going with this but it's exciting non the less.