Wednesday, 17 February 2010

What's in the F'in BOX????

So a couple of weeks ago I had to present to my tutors a kind of update, where i'm at. And although I can clearly talk about all these things for 20-30mins, essentially I didn't really say anything about what my project is actually about. Re-assuringly my tutors did pick up on this, and so the question arose again, "So Graham....What's in the box?"

The following few days this panicked me out a fair bit, much like it has done since september, but time is pressing on, as it seems to have a habit of doing, and I needed an answer, and I needed it soon.

I had the idea of this staircase, and the doorway creating a frame to the rear, through which content can change and adapt over time. Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to ask someone who has no real idea of what this whole thing is about, and get their reaction, their thoughts. It's through this detachment that this idea could develop, something that I was really struggling to do myself.

So I talked it over with g, (g is for girlfriend) and a number of interesting things came about. The following day she did some doodles at work and emailed them to me:

Seeing g's vision of the staircase, simple as it is, opened my eyes to a new possibility. By actually using the staircase in the scene allows there to be multiple layers to the backdrop. So playing on notions of "What the Butler saw" the idea of the working class, the hired help looking in on the upper-class scenes. This multi layered setup would present a form of "upstairs downstairs" play. Which reminded me of one of my favorite images by Alfred Stieglitz:

So finally there was an area of interest, some content for my box.

Alas, something else happened that day which changed everything once again...... (Cliffhanger)

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