Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I don't believe in fate but....

Everything seems to come together sometimes. Or maybe this happens all the time, and everything is interlinked, well it must be, but it's only sometimes when you are able to tune into these occurrences and make the connections.

At lunch before meeting Asa, a friend mentioned the Wellcome Collection in london, and the anatomy exhibition that is housed there. My ears pricked up as i had never heard of this place. How exciting, a new place to visit in London, a city that i've covered quite extensively since i was a kid. Then a couple of hours later Asa mentioned it again. I went to London the Friday of that week to visit a friend from university, and arranged to meet her at the Wellcome Collection. Getting off the tube at Euston Square i saw a poster for something called the 'Identity Project' That might be interesting i thought. Standing waiting for my friend outside the Wellcome building i jumped onto my iPhone and googled the identity project only to find it was an exhibition currently on display at.... The Wellcome Collection. I went in.

8 rooms 9 lives is the tag-line for the display, 9 different explorations into the notion of what makes us who we are, explorations of identity. Each Story is displayed in a different room, but what makes this even more interesting for me is that all these rooms are within the same space. Each room is a large box, the exteriors all look the same, but the content in each is displayed in different ways in each.

More information can be found here.

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