Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sketches and what they mean

So we're almost up to date, last week i had to present my progress once again, and a lot had happened in the 2 week gap between presentations, but they had mainly happened conceptually, and i had nothing really visual to show. i did however produce a number of sketches / storyboards depicting some of the issues i would be tackling now.

When i started drawing these, the purpose was to just give an idea of the images i would go and capture. These crude drawings depict specific locations from my childhood, and i plan to visit these locations and photograph them. But whilst sketching i realised that i was drawing from memory, locations i hadn't visited or seen for 15-20 years. And that whole process intrigued me greatly. Drawing and sketching these locations, then comparing them with the reality of now, and of the photographic evidence of the still image would be quite an interesting process.

I haven't been back to these locations yet but i have a feeling they are not going to be as i remember, things never are are they?


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