Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Voyeurism Shoot

Cast your mind back to that time when I went down to Brighten for my first photo-shoot. You there? Good.

The actual images that I took didn't really come out as I had planned, and I can probably put this down to going on a shoot without a clear idea as to what I was after.

But the purpose of it was to be a learning experience, and in that sense it was a success.

However, there was one particular setup we tried that prompted a possible avenue to explore further.

If we can ignore the terrible balance of light, the framing of this shot is quite interesting for me. In a sense what we have here is a large foreground element, (the staircase) and a framed window / portal into the room at the rear.

The idea would be to construct a physical staircase inside the diorama box, made of cardboard/wood/paper mache, this feature is static in the scene, the foundation, ever-present. The window/doorway/portal on the back wall could be made from a video display, and therefore the content through that frame could change over time. We could look in and see the girl changing, but also, the family eating, the kitchen, the bedroom, the office. And this could be taken further to scenes outside the home, the street, the church, the landscape.

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