Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Vimeo inspiration

Vimeo is so much better than youtube ain't it?

Content just looks crisper, cleaner and professional there.

Here's some things that I've found:

First up a few from Username: Peter Root

Car park (Sound-reactive drawing) from Peter Root on Vimeo.

Harbour (Sound-reactive drawing) from Peter Root on Vimeo.

Landscape Section from Peter Root on Vimeo.

Sound reactive drawings. Similar to my work, taking 2D images and breaking them up in 3D space. Not sure if I want my images to react to the soundtrack, but I might give it a go and see what the results are.

Username: Lee Arnold

Alpinia from Lee Arnold on Vimeo.

A graphical approach to the same idea. I want my movement to be less obvious, so you think you're looking at a still image. Glacier pace.

Username: Marie Lamonde

photo en 3D from Marie Lamonde on Vimeo.

Again, pretty fast animation, too fast for my liking, but a nice example of the technique.

And finally an epic masterpiece, which I must have missed the cinema release of.

Username: Exceeds

photo montage '3D OBB' from EXCEEDS on Vimeo.

Briliant!! I hope they're very happy together.

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