Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The eerie eye awry

With the photograph I have of Hotdog hill, I had an idea of playing around with 3D space in AfterEffects. The plan was to bring the image to life, but without it being video. Quite a simple technique but with an effective result.

I also placed a sample of the audio recorded on site and rendered them out together.

The first render I made lasted for 1 min, with the animation almost unnoticeable to the eye. (is this good?)

The second, I made a 20 sec version, where the movement is much clearer. (is this good?)

The idea was to try to explore these places, the still image sometimes isn't enough.

Whilst this test animation was rendering I went off for my weekly lecture, this day it was by the guest photographer Richard Page.

It's again one of those moments that seem to keep happening during the course of this project, where every other thing that was said during his 2 hour talk had strong ties and relevance to my work. He spoke of Dioramas, cutouts, models, voyeurism, landscape photography.

A key point was his workings was this the notion of "the eye awry." The concept where if you stare a problem straight in the face you become consumed by it, blinded, and will never find the answer. If you take a view from a different perspective, from the side, from above, from within, suddenly things become a lot clearer.

As these words were spoken I thought back to my render taking place a couple of rooms away.

These locations I have chosen, by impulse more than anything, leave me a little lost as to why they have been selected. Locations that are important for me for the sole reason that i have no photographic evidence? is that it? or is there something else going on that i haven't been able to grasp at yet. Or maybe i never will. But either way, that whole pursuit of understanding is the main focus of my work right now......

i think

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  1. Hey! I wholeheartedly support this visual direction, It's wildly awesome!


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