Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Question about the Sketches....

Those original drawings that I made as a guide to the images I planned to take, yeah? remember them?

Do you think they should play a role in the final installation?

Comments please kids.


  1. Nope, not especially, seem like research file material to me, old son.
    Did you have anything in mind already?

  2. I'm the reverse. I think if your piece surrounds memories of childhood places, then surely a sketch from the images pulled from the back of your mind should be included?

    Not anything too focused, just maybe as an addition? Emotional resonance with the audience is a phrase i'm currently over-using in my project write-ups and it links in well I guess.

  3. cheers boys

    yeah, i'm not really sure that i want to discard them, but at the same time don't really know how i can integrate them either.

    i have 1 probably too obvious idea, that i'll try out sometime next week.

    i'll keep you posted