Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Canon- The Story Beyond the Still Project

I've been meaning to blog about this for an age.

One of my early ideas, which i think i did mention at some point, maybe not, is now coming back in relation to where my head is at now. I'll start from the beginning:

I had a dream about a year ago where my father and I were walking through one of the parks in London. We came across an opening where a huge circus tent / marquee was being disassembled. We approached the guys working on the site and asked what we'd missed.

They told us that there was a 1 day event that had taken place yesterday, where a group of artists and members of the public had filmed a scene from a film. They only had the 1 scene to work from and had no idea about the whole plot, or where this scene fitted into it. They had a list of characters, some clothing and props that were associated with those characters, and some materials to construct a Michel Gondry type set.

They had a script and a time duration and they created and shot the scene.

This event was taking place in multiple locations across the country, maybe even internationally. Each location had a different scene. They would then be brought together to form a complete narrative.

This was a well informed workman. Anyway, we'd missed it and on we walked.

On waking I initially just thought, that was odd, but on reflection later that day I realised that it was quite an interesting project idea.

I thought I would save that for my final project and carried on with my life.

A few months later I came across the 'Story Behind the Still' project, organised by Canon and run and presented on Vimeo.com

Here's a link to the site: CLICK

This is a different direction which i had also thought about taking. The first scene is made by canon, uploaded onto vimeo, then the public are challenged to make the next chapter, they are uploaded, a winner is chosen, then the competition starts again asking for responses to chapter 2.

The link is that the last frame is a still and must be the first frame of the next chapter.

The end result is an 8 chapter film, complete in it's own right.

But what you also get are the other entries, possible paths that could have been taken. A labyrinth of options, a web of narrative flow.

Cool huh.

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