Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Wabi Sabi Water Sculptures

After reading my book on Wabi Sabi, i've come away rather confused.

I believe I understand what it is, but through this understanding I'm now left in a position where if one were to try and construct a wabi sabi image, it would totally go against the nature of the concept.

Wabi Sabi is finding the beauty in the natural world, seeing the hidden interest that most won't notice. As soon as you identify it though, the moment is lost.

Wabi Sabi is finding the beauty in the transition. In the process of becoming or the process of decay.

In response to that I by chance took some images that I find rather intriguing.

I bought a few pieces of equipment from Homebase with the intention to try and create an artificial stream or water upon my dining room table (I was home alone, what else was i supposed to do?)

Turns out the air pump i made was far too powerful, so i ended up with a fountain rather than a gentle flow.

Here's what I got:

What we have here are water sculptures, captured in the process of creation and decay. An object that only existed for this fraction of a second, never to be seen again.

I like this concept right now.

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