Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Tangible Inspiration

I borrowed a book called 'Tangible - High touch visuals' from the library.

The book contains a huge collection of art and photography based upon the premise of tactile construction, a hands on aproach to image making. Here are my choice highlights:

Aoyama Hina

Lettre de Voltaire

Les Papillons

Chris Heads

I've posted these as the continuation of my interest in the cutout explored in Project 1. The dress-up doll is something I've been thinking about for a long time now, and seeing these images has caused me to recall it. Dressing a model with projections.

Levi van Veluw

Landscape I

Reinterprets the traditional landscape painting, removing plots of grass, trees, even livestock from their 2 dimensional formats and transporting them to the 3 dimensional contours of his own face. A fresh twist on the obsession we have with the romantic landscape of recreating the world and simultaneously being part of it.


Carpet In

Sarah Illenberger

Food Types

These 2 pieces of work again capture the notion of Arcimboldo and his composite portraits. An unintentional running theme throughout my research it seems.

Jared Steffensen

Tree Watch

Mountain Escape Sleeves

I just think these are something special. Not sure if I'm more envious of the idea, the tweed, or the beard. What a special combination.

Debbie Smyth

Pins & Thread

Now this upset me the first time I saw it. Unrelated to this project I was asked if I had any ideas for a music video for a friends band. My idea was based around thread art. I bought all the materials, had a go at some tests, but then ran out of spare time and motivation. It's something that I'd like to continue with, and could be explored in regard to this project too.

Chrissie Macdonald


Atsushi Fukunaga

I came to Copenhagen by Scandlines

2 very similar projects here, actually presented together as a double paged spread in the book. Captures the idea of natural elements encroaching on the man made. Pushing through. Being natural. The plants and flowers are of course all fake and manmade within these shots, but doesn't that bring yet another layer to their meaning? I like them.

Renate Buser

Depot de Sel

Wocher Panorama


These final few images are here as a link to the idea of projecting onto buildings, replacing the real with an idea of an alternative. I've found a number of examples of 3D building projections to be blogged about next. This project does the same thing, but with canvas and the photographed still.

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