Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Brighton pt 1

So yeah, I went down to Brighton last Friday. Laden down like a pack horse with so-called portable lighting, green screen, reflector, tripod, oh and camera.

Met up with one of my bestest friends and set up a mini studio in her house.

Played around with a few setups, took a collection of images along that we could draw inspiration from.

Haven't had a chance to download any of the images as of yet, feel the shoot went well, but whether the end results are useable, or in fact what i was after or needing I'm not too sure. Regardless, the experience of the whole setup and such was incredibly valuable. Great to have my first subject as such an understanding friend who is willing to mess around with everything as much as I was needing to.

With the first shoot out of the way, I feel far more confident about the equipment, and my ability to get what i want with these tools.

What a relief eh?

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