Monday, 16 November 2009

Ideas so far......

The main gist is to combine elements from these research areas as a form of delivery.

A physical diorama, with a peepshow viewpoint. A scene that can only be seen by one person at a time.

Using composited photographs to make complete scenes displayed in 3D space.

Foreground / character / backdrop

Digital projection? So a Craig style setup of simple physical shapes and blocks, that can be projected upon to display a scene. Multiple setups could be displayed with this technique, possibly playing on the notion that one person would look and see one set on contents, the next would see something different.

The blocks could also move within the space. Using handles (harking back to the mutoscope) the viewer could interact with the space, rearrange the contents, back and forth, rotate, then a new scene could be projected.

I would like the majority of the settings to be still image. Photographs. With the possibility of moving character elements displayed within the space.


The entire projected scenes could be video, moving images, that bring life to the scene, possibly combining with the movement of the blocks and staging inside.

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